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A Jewel in the Dust

A Jewel in the Dust

Brian Darnell

Paperback 196 pp.

Price: $12.00


Brian's second book of poetry following his first and very popular book, Garden of Surrender. An excellent companion for the aching heart. Here is the first poem from the book....

A mutual sobriety

Ages ago I was stone. You began
shaping me into a human being.

With that same great chisel and hammer,
I'm now being reduced to dust.

O Lord, it's hard sometimes, to keep my chin up
under the rain of Your blows.

We have to stop meeting like this!
A few hours of carousing -

I'm hung-over, despondent for weeks.
This morning, I found

bits of clarity at the bottom of my cup -
I have no right to desire,

nor should I expect to stumble through
every hour, drunk on Your bliss.

We have work to do
that demands a mutual sobriety.

You, the sculptor with Your careful dismantling;
me, the stone - holding steady.

O child of God, the Beloved serves His wine for medicinal purposes only.
His hammer blows chisel away the false.

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