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The Memoirs of a Zetetic

The Memoirs of a Zetetic

My Life with Meher Baba

Amiya Kumar Hazra

Paperback 371 pp

Price: $12.00


Amiya Kumar Hazra was described by Baba as his "most disobedient son". His story is that of a skeptic of the third degree. His incessant testing of Baba and the mountain of rationalizations following Baba's obvious triumph is something many can relate to. Perhaps less common is Baba's full-participation in this game – even to the point of granting him a glimpse of a higher plane!

In the introduction, the author describes best his journey with Meher Baba: "... I, a zetetic of considerable obstinacy of disposition, was gradually made to feel by Meher Baba that my attempt to outface Divinity and its existence was getting reduced to an oxymoron, however deft an intellectual oarsman I felt myself to be, and the boat of logical agnosticism now seemed to be in perennial threat of being capsized."

Written with wit and humor, this book is a clear and intimate view of Baba as compassionate and playful father.

2nd Edition. Published 2001.

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