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You're All There Is

You're All There Is

Buz Connor


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"You who are enthroned in the heart: what is your true name?" is the opening line of the title song (written by Keshav Nigam and Buz Connor). . . so exquisitely sung by Buz. Buz's voice is so rich and delightful. Mehera J. Irani said it sounded very much like Meher Baba's singing voice.

The very popular "Nothing Less Than Everything" is one of the 15 songs on the CD. It is a very uplifting CD to listen to, with every song wholly focused on Meher Baba.

Buz is accompanied by Mike Hansen, Billy Goodrum, Mark Trichka, Lisa Brande, Patrick O'Neil, Jeff Maguire, Jane Brown, Diane Tower-Jones, Annabelle Goodrum and Ed Dennis!!

Produced by Billy Goodrum and Buz Connor, 2015.

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