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Email Updates From Sheriar Books

Sheriar Books Email Update are periodically sent to subscribers announcing the release of new books, calendars, DVDs and events. Announcements are sent as soon as a new column becomes available online in All (Baba) Things Considered. Local subscribers are also sent email announcements about special events in the bookstore such as booksignings, talks and concerts.
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Sheriar Books 2015 Sale

January 2015

One Fine Thread

November 2014

Christmas 2014 Sale

October 2014

2015 Meher Baba Calendars

October 2014

Sheriar Books 2014 Sale

January 2014

Mehera-Meher is Back in Print

December 2013

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Newsletters From Sheriar Foundation

Sheriar Foundation Newsletters are distributed twice a year – The Sheriar Report in the fall and The mid-year Update in the spring. They are excellent ways of keeping in touch with the scope of Foundation activities in publishing, preservation and on the internet. Subscription is free.

The Joyous Path…

Fall 2015

Love is in the Air…

Winter 2013

Inner Travel to Sacred Places

Winter 2012

Announcing: Donkin's Diaries

Winter 2011

The God Man: Available Again…

Winter 2010

Early Messages to the West…

Fall 2009

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