13 April 1963

“Why and how can I suffer when I am the Ocean of Power, Knowledge and Bliss? God has infinite Power, infinite Knowledge and infinite Bliss. The Avatar is God Himself incarnate on earth as Man. During His ministry as Avatar, he uses only infinite Knowledge. He does not make use of His infinite Power and infinite Bliss. This is because God incarnates as Man and goes through universal suffering and helplessness in order to emancipate mankind from its ignorance of suffering and helplessness. If the Avatar were to use His infinite Power, how could He experience helplessness? If the Avatar were to use His infinite Bliss, how could He suffer? He therefore does not use His infinite Bliss or His infinite Power. Such is His infinite Love and Compassion for His creation!”

— Meher Baba
(Practical Spirituality)

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1 April 1928 Babajan visits Meherabad. For the entire day Baba does not wear sandals. Baba calls it, "The most eventful and significant day of my life!"
2 April 1959 Baba is called on by a group of cricket players to ask his blessing on their participation in matches in England. Baba gives them a discourse on sportsmanship and how to play in a way that spiritually uplifts both the players and the spectators.
3 April 1947 A darshan program begins in Meher Bhavan Madras.
3 April 1948 Baba reaches Hardwar and contacts a few sadhus and masts (God-intoxicated souls).
5 April 1927 Hazrat Babajan Girl’s School opens at Maruti Patel’s compound in Arangaon. A Christian woman is appointed as teacher.
7 April 1963 Baba describes one individual weakness of each of the previous Avatars.
8 April 1932 Baba is interviewed by Paramount in the garden of Kitty Davy's parent's home. Charles Purdom sat next to Baba and read out his message.
9 April 1947 Baba goes into seclusion for nine days at Purandhar Fort, 25 miles from Poona.
10 April 1903 Perfect Master Babajan sails from Bombay (Mumbai) on her second pilgrimage to Mecca.
10 April 1930 Baba visits Tiger Valley in Panchgani and selects a spot in the forest for his upcoming seclusion.
10 April 1932 Baba is driven to Hampton Court in England to see the palace of King Henry VIII.
10 April 1953 Baba has the names of his followers read out to him, both alive and passed, pausing on some to focus his invisible work. This is done daily and often lasted for hours.
11 April 1932 While in England, Baba goes to the studio of a sculptor, Edward Merrett, and sits for him for an hour. This is the first time that Baba permits a sculptor to depict him. A plaster mold of Baba’s right hand is also made.
12 April 1930 Baba visits a high school in Kolhapur for three days where he plants a mango tree, gives his blessings to all the teachers and students and plays cricket and field hockey with the boys. Some politicians visit during the games and are shocked to find a spiritual master playing cricket.
13 April 1932 Baba visits the office of Charles Purdom and instructs him to write his biography entitled, “The Perfect Master.”
13 April 1933 Baba visits the Taj Mahal on a moonlit night.
14 April 1963 At Guruprasad, despite much pain, Baba stands while the Repentance Prayer is being recited.
15 April 1932 Baba is taken to a Paramount Studio in London to see a film of himself being interviewed by Charles Purdom. Baba visits the zoo and the British Museum, also, for just 15 minutes. Kew Gardens is visited another day during his London stay.
15 April 1952 Baba gives darshan for the first time since the New Life to his Bombay (Mumbai) followers.
16 April 1946 Baba leaves Ahmednagar to go to a small village of Niranjanpur(near Dehra Dun) for seclusion.
20 April 1946 Baba is off to numerous cities contacting masts in each one.
20 April 1952 Baba arrives in New York and spends a day at Penn Station Hotel before moving on to South Carolina.
21 April 1952 Meher Baba’s first visit to Meher Spiritual Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
21 April 1963 Of the prayer, “One Hundred and One Names of God” written by Zoroaster thousands of years ago, Baba said, “If you repeat this prayer with love, no other prayer remains to be said. Anyone can repeat these names with love, irrespective of the religion he belongs to.”
22 April 1924 The first mast wanders into Meherabad. Baba is delighted and feeds and clothes him and sends him on his way.
23 April 1924 Meher Baba proposes a seven-colored flag representing the seven planes of consciousness. He specifies that red should be at the bottom of the flag and sky blue at the top. Arrangement of the other five colors, he leaves to the mandali. The flag is first flown at Meherabad.
23 April 1952 Elizabeth Patterson gives Baba his first tour of the Meher Spiritual Center by car.
24 April 1924 Baba bows down to Padri for not following Baba’s directions.
25 April 1924 Mehera’s white horse “Sufi” arrives at Meherabad.
25 April 1928 Baba breaks his fast of five-and-a-half months after serving the mandali, the Prem Ashram boys and the other Meherabad residents who had fasted for one day.
26 April 1952 Agnes Baron meets Baba for the first time at Meher Spiritual Center.
30 April 1923 Baba hikes with mandali to Happy Valley. Lord Ram stayed in Happy Valley with Sita and Laxman during his wanderings in exile.
30 April 1931 Baba visits the slums of Karachi and Manora with the mayor of Karachi, Jamshed Mehta.
30 April 1932 Meher Baba’s father, Sheriar Irani dies.