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The Green Sea of Heaven

Translated by Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.

Paperback 170 pages
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The Green Sea of Heaven is a groundbreaking work of translation of one of the greatest poets of world literature.

Hafiz (14th century) was the unrivaled master of the Persian ghazal, a lyric form roughly equivalent to the English sonnet in length, intensity, and complexity. These fifty ghazals from his Diwan (collected works) display Hafiz's poetic genius, expressing his passion for the Divine Beloved and hi scandalous (to the Muslim clergy of the day) exaltation of music and wine as vehicles of transcendence and religious ecstasy.

This bilingual edition presents the ghazals of Hafiz in language that captures the intensity and complexity of the poet hailed by Persians as “the tongue of the Invisible” and the “interpreter of mysteries.”

Published 1995 and again in 2002.