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6 Degrees of Separation 7 Degrees of Love

Lyric Poems After Auschwitz

Gareth Calway

Paperback 55 pages
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Only God hears everything, but a listening tavern is a good indicator of His presence. 6 Degrees of Separation; Seven Degrees of Love makes modern use of the Hafiz ghazal, the Italian sonnet, and a lifetime's love-labour to seek the impossible: that divine couplet by which Seemab (d. Jan 31, 1951) achieved union with God.

Beyond Belief (short excerpt)

And when you gave, and turned away, your ocean eyes, I knew
My heart would break in waves there on the rocks of losing you.

I didn't ask for this; I only breathed without belief
Unconscious idle prayers: I never dreamed you'd make them true.

My life's in ruins now; I can't go home, nor to your door:
In bar and hermit chapel, all I taste is missing you.

I talk about you all the time and think I've made some sense
But if my words can't bring you near. . .what good can they do?

Published 2015