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  • January

    The Illuminated Rumi Calendar

    Versions by Coleman Barks & Michael Green; Illustrations by Michael Green
  • February

    Meher Baba From Boyhood to Godhood

    Naosherwan Anzar
  • March

    Donkin’s Diaries

    William Donkin
  • April

    As Only God Can Love

    Darwin C. Shaw
  • May

    Kissed by God

    By Charles Haynes
  • June

    Meher Baba’s Tiffin Lectures

    Meher Baba
  • July

    Infinite Intelligence

    Meher Baba
  • September

    Creation and its Causes

    Meher Baba
  • October

    Love Alone Prevails

    Kitty Davy
  • November

    Avatar Meher Baba Calendar 2023

  • December

    Meher Baba’s Blue Bus Tours

    Susan M. McKendree