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  • February

    Anything is Possible by Your Grace

    Mark Trichka & Lisa Brande
  • March

    Waves and Waves of Love

    Compiled and Edited by Carolyn M. Ball
  • April

    My Day with Meher Baba

    Anne Giles, Illustrated by Amy Steele
  • May

    God in Human Form

    Meher Baba
  • June

    Eternal Beloved

    Meher Baba
  • July

    Silent Teachings of Meher Baba

    Compiled by Naosherwan Anzar
  • August

    One Fine Thread

    Kitty Davy
  • October

    Meher Baba Calling

    Meher Baba
  • November

    Dilruba Days

    Catherine Haas Riley. Edited by Lois Breger
  • December

    4711 Eau de Cologne & Tea Rose Parfum