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A Loving Way Home

Nan Wicker and Jeff Wolverton

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“There is one home to which we are all making our way, and we all go by different routes, unique to each one. Along the way, because of the universal presence of love, we cross each others’s paths and those encounters are some of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences we enjoy on this sweet earth. These songs are intimate glimpses of the way, with which we hope to touch and entertain you before that time when we all enjoy that final homecoming that takes place in our heart of hearts.” Jeff Wolverton

The songs on this CD are all about love and the spiritual path and the lover-Beloved relationship. We were lucky to work with very good musicians throughout the recording process on cello, piano, drums, horns, and others. We were honored to record great songs by friends Cindy Lowe, David Miotke, Brian Darnell, David Wilcox, and Scott Makeig, as well as songwriters Van Morrison, Kirtana, Meg Christian, Jerome Kern, and Oscar Hammerstein.
Produced 2018