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Karl Moeller

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No one would deny that the 1960s and early 1970s ushered in an amazing era of creativity in film, visual arts, and music. Karl is convinced that Meher Baba's energy galvanized much of the popular music explosion of the 1960s. This music ranges from 50-year-old unabashed classic rock to solo pieces to his version of neoclassical. Not every piece on this CD was done specifically with Meher Baba in mind, but all of them were done in the service of the music.

In 2007 Karl took an early copy of his audio CD “The Kiss and Other Stories” to India and gave a copy to Katie Irani. About a week later she told him she'd been playing the album “morning, noon and night” in Meher Baba's house in Meherazad, and told him to keep making music for the Baba community. Though she passed in 2009, and this is 2017 now, here it is, Katie…

Karl is fortunate to know great musicians and was able to ask players around the country to contribute tracks. Those musicians include Chuck Wilson, Loveland CO, electric guitar; David Elder, Buffalo NY, electric guitar; Mike Serres, Tucson AZ, 12-string guitar; Will Hillis, Tucson AZ, percussion; Daughter of Hafiz, Iran, vocal; Ricardo Silva, Lima Peru, kenas, zampoña, charango. All other instruments were played by Karl.

Produced 2017