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Discourses of Upasni Maharaj

Upasni Maharaj

DVD (NTSC format) 1 hour
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Upasni Maharaj, Perfect Master of Sakori, disciple of Sai Baba of Shirdi, and Master to Avatar Meher Baba, delivered volumes of discourses on the spiritual life, the nature of God, and the path to spiritual enlightenment.

This colorful film narrates, illustrates, and sets to music eight of these discourse and includes an illustrated biography of Upasni Maharaj narrated by Bhujor Bode. Upasni's powerful discourses and biographical sketch are interspersed with poetic imagery, well-chosen music, and fine editing to create a real experience you don't want to miss.

Narrated by the late Jim Lyons and Bhujor Bode. Original songs and music by John Murphy, Jedd Tyler, Richard and Kitty Slavich, and Oklahuma. Original artwork by Lisa Nelson, and Suresh P. Raut.

Produced and Edited by Robert Fredericks, 2007.