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Because of Love

My Life and Art with Meher Baba

Rano Gayley

Hardcover 132 pages
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The intriguing and enigmatic Ten Circles Chart is the focal point of this memoir by one of Meher Baba's early Western disciples.

Rano was “Baba's artist,” and a prolific one. In addition to The Ten Circles Chart, she produced over the years many pencil sketches of Baba, most of which she generously gave to Baba followers who visited Meherazad. Rano was the only Western disciple to spend the rest of her life in Baba's household at Meherazad.

This book is fully illustrated with a color fold-out of the Ten Circles Chart and close-up details of part of it, the full-length portrait that now hangs in the museum at Meherabad, as well as many of her black-and-white sketches of Baba.

Published 1983