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Creation and its Causes

Meher Baba's Lectures to the Meher Ashram Boys in 1927-28

Meher Baba

Hardcover 775 pages.
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From the Introduction
Without a doubt Creation and its Causes will claim a major place in the body of Meher Baba’s literary oeuvre. Yet as remarkable as the lectures themselves is the context in which they arose. For their audience was not comprised of seasoned disciples and mature students of Baba’s teachings, as the highly metaphysical character of these lectures might have led one to imagine. Rather, the recipients of this rarefied content were school boys, most of them in their early to middle teens. In the evening at about 7:30 p.m. on most nights between late November 1927 and the middle of January of the next year, Meher Baba regaled the approximately one hundred students of the Meher Ashram with accounts of the creation of the universe, the evolution of form and consciousness, cosmology and what we could call “mystical astronomy,” and the involutionary path to God. . . .

In the middle of 1927, the life of Meherabad underwent a sea change as Baba reoriented his activities around the newly founded boarding school, the Meher Ashram. The major body of discourse material descending from this new phase consists in the thirty-four lectures collected and typed up in a manuscript entitled “Shree’s Explanations on Creation and the Universe” and published here as Creation and its Causes.

Includes 41 illustrations in color based on diagrams by Baba and over 100 photographs and original correspondence from this period.

Published in 2022 by Sheriar Foundation.