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Dance for Joy

Bobbi Bernstein

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Bobbi has the gift that when her fingers touch the keyboard, rhythm just jumps out onto the ivories, and so many varied rhythms flow throughout these songs. And it is not just Bobbi's talent, but her friends, who are in profuse numbers on this CD. All original songs composed by Bobbi with the exception of three songs with lyrics by Summer Turner, one of which—the exquisitely beautiful, “Behind Your Brown Eyes” is sung by Buz Connor. Other friends include Leslie Walsh, Jerry Edwards and many more.

There are a variety of musical styles for your dancing and listening pleasure, including New Orleans jazz, reggae, soft rock, waltz, rock n' roll, blues, a beguine and more—sixteen songs in all.

A special favorite, although it is somewhat of a disservice to pick just one, is Heart to Heart in which Bobbi put to music a concluding paragraph of the New Humanity discourse that begins with, “Love is essentially self-communicative . . .” Would you believe that it almost becomes a rag time dance tune?! And finally, there are the words of Myrtle Beach Rag—a lesson in themselves in the life of following Baba, “Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, what lesson do you do teach? . . .” This collection will be a treasure for all.