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Dark Night of the Soul

A Masterpiece in the Literature of Mysticism

St. John of the Cross

Paperback 193 pages
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Translated and Edited by E. Allison Peers.

This treatise on St. John's best known poem has been around for many years and is still intriguing and somewhat puzzling to scholars, as it was never finished. The “dark night” may sound frightening at first but to John of the Cross the “dark night” is the strict road, the same “narrow lane” also described in passages by Meher Baba and the darkness is actually a gift from God to man, protection for the soul on its spiritual journey.

The book is beautifully written, lyrical in its imagery and flow of language and exciting in John's descriptions of the soul's journey. Some readers may well recognize and relate to John's “dark night.”

Image edition, 1990.