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Darshan Hours

Meher Baba

Hardcover 84 pages
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A unique book in the universe of literature by and about Avatar Meher Baba. It is not a book of messages, discourses, or declarations, but rather of conversations: conversations between God and those fortunate enough to have discovered and been drawn to Him during His most recent Avataric Advent. It hardly seems possible, yet this slim volume contains, in the most concentrated yet readily digestible form, the essence of the Avatar's “Way,” His directions with regard to the life of a true lover of God.

Darshan Hours provides an intimate glimpse of the Avatar of the Age as He converses with the various visitors He permitted to see Him during one summer stay at Guruprasad Bungalow in Poona, India. Today it is difficult to appreciate how rare the opportunity was to meet with God in His summer residence, how remarkable these exchanges in Darshan Hours were—they seem so natural, so informal, so open, not at all out of the ordinary or rare. But they are rare, because this is GOD speaking, GOD answering questions and giving advice, GOD blowing you away by cutting to the chase regarding the purpose of life and “telling it like it is” for the benefit of those around Him.

Visit Him now, with this book. Enter Meher Baba's Avataric world back in 1960 in Poona in the magnificent bungalow that served as His summer home. Eavesdrop on His give-and-take with those who had the special privilege to take His darshan then, and let these “darshan hours” captivate you as thoroughly as they did the visitors and mandali who participated in them.

Published 1971