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Dilruba Days

Life with Three Remarkable Women at the Meher Spiritual Center

Catherine Haas Riley. Edited by Lois Breger

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“Dilruba Days by Catherine Haas Riley is a vibrant memoir of the many years she worked at the Meher Spiritual Center, in Myrtle Beach, helping three of Meher Baba's close Western mandali – Elizabeth Patterson, Kitty Davy and Margaret Craske.

Realizing her fortunate position, Cathy would seize the opportunity to ask these remarkable women about their lives with Meher Baba. With accurate recall and an ability to retain conversations, she recorded their reminiscences in her personal diaries. She also noted the women's perceptive insights and observations, her own humorous or difficult adventures and misadventures, Kitty's endearing 'Kittyisms' and more.

Dilruba Days is based on a compilation of Cathy's compelling diary entries capturing twelve years of dedicated service.”

From the Back Cover

Published in November, 2018.