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Discourses (Rev. 6th Ed.)

Meher Baba

4-volume paperback set 904 pages
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The history of man's search for his soul has produced few works dealing with the technique for the soul's discovery. Meher Baba's Discourses are a major contribution to that small body of literature. As the introduction to this revised sixth edition says of them,”the Discourses stands alone as a general exposition of spiritual principles expressed in a form suited to the conditions of modernity. It is indeed a gift to mankind such as only the Avatar could bring. One imagines that, in the age of the New Humanity whose coming Meher Baba foretells in these pages, the Discourses will play a decisive part in articulating the world view that most people will implicitly accept and live by.”

A faithful republication of the original “sixth edition,” first published by Sufism Reoriented as a three-volume set in 1967, is now available. A fourth volume has been added which contains a history of the Discourses, nine Appendixes, an extensive glossary, and an index.

Published 2007