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Finding God in North Carolina

Compiled and Edited by Randy Wasserstrom & Zuzanna Vee

Paperback 331 pages
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Finding God in North Carolina is a compilation of “coming to Baba” stories of people who live or lived in North Carolina. These stories are accompanied by original and never-before published maps and photographs of Meher Baba's time in North Carolina.

Baba stated that a spiritual rebirth would begin in America, and indeed the first Baba group of the “next generation” began in Chapel Hill in 1967. Finding God in North Carolina is also a chronicle of the beginnings of that group and other Baba groups in North Carolina – facilitating the spread of Divine love throughout the state.

Finding God in North Carolina is a treasure trove of historical information and documentation, including letters from Adi K. Irani, Meher Baba's secretary for years; telegrams from Baba; and a 1967 Winston-Salem Journal article devoted entirely to the Highest of the High.

Published 2008