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Glow International Magazine

A Journal Devoted to Meher Baba

Spring 2018

Magazine 32 pages
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Spring 2018

Featured Articles:

ARE YOU RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUAL?:Understanding the Difference
SURRENDER WITH MEHER BABA:A Few Practical Excercises
A GIFT FROM MASTER TO MAN: Listening to Meher Baba's Voice

Other articles include:

(1) Search for the Pearl
Meher Baba's teachins in 1934 in Madras
(2) Are you Religious or Spiritual?
Alta Burnett explains the difference
(3) Surrender with Meher Baba
Laureent Weichberger shares a few practical exercises in surrenderance
(4) A Gift from Master to Man
Daniel Stone shows us how to listen to Meher Baba's Voice
(5) Heart Work
Ross Keating meditates on the “realm” of love, the heart
(6) Memoirs of Gulmai K. Irani
Part 3 of Gulmai's memoirs of her time with Upasni Maharaj and Meher Baba. Edited by David Fenster and Keith Gunn.

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