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Revised Translation & Introduction by Paul Smith

Paperback 828 pages
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A completely revised one-volume edition of the only modern, poetic version of Hafez's masterpiece of 791 ghazals, masnavis, rua'is and other poems / songs.

The spiritual and historical and human content is here in understandable, beautiful poetry: the correct rhyme-structure has been achieved, without intruding, in readable English. The Introduction tells his life story in greater detail than any where else; his spirituality is explored, his influence on the life, poetry and art of the East and the West, the form and function of his poetry, use of his book as a worldy guide and spiritual oracle, on the translation of Hafez into English.

Included are notes to most poems, a glossary and a selected bibliography and an index. First published in 1986 in a two-volume limited edition the book quickly went out of print.

Originally published in 1986. First revised paperback edition, 2014.