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Hook, Line, & Seeker

Michael McConkey

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From a Review by David Graber:
“In this album, Michael McConkey delivers a diverse group of spiritually-based songs. Most of the songs are upbeat and inspirational. A few provide spiritual direction, such as the tracks, Drive Maya Away, You Lead, We Follow, and Remember Me. Remember Me is a great tune, and the lyrics are those of the Master (Meher Baba) speaking to his disciple.

This album also includes a slow ballad – How She Held Him in which Michael is almost speaking, rather than singing. His voice shows an impressive range of feeling, which is not contrived. It is the voice of the lover of God, and expresses longing for love and oneness. There is a naturalness and simplicity in the expression of this artist, which are not and can not be contrived. Similarly, Michael is a skilled guitar player, but does not try to shine at it.
There are many good songs on the album, but my favorite is Show Me Your Love, a beautiful and poignant prayer to the Beloved. Here Michael is praying and pleading for grace and greater love. The song is beautiful as it is, but would be quite powerful with an additional array of instruments. Show Me Your Love really deserves to become a spiritual standard. I highly recommend Michael’s collection of powerful and sweet devotional songs to all spiritual aspirants.”

Produced 2018