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I Am The One Reality

Meher Baba

DVD 72 minutes
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The film I AM THE ONE REALITY was inspired by the discovery of rare and never-before-seen film footage of Meher Baba taken by Elizabeth Patterson in 1933, in India and Italy. Part One tells the story of the Western women disciples' first trip to India to be with Baba and to meet His Eastern women disciples. Part Two is of Baba's second visit to Portofino, Italy, later that year, with a group of Western and Eastern disciples. The 35mm footage is interwoven with photos and excerpts from the diaries of Elizabeth, Kitty Davy, Margaret Craske, and Delia DeLeon. This video captures the intimacy of those early days with the Master when He drew His Western followers to Him with His extraordinary beauty and introduced them to what life with a spiritual master meant.

Special features include the original 1933 film footage, with the oldest surviving moving images of Baba in India, as well as clips of interviews with these remarkable women disciples in later years sharing about their life with Meher Baba.

Directed by Wendy Haynes Connor
Produced by Wendy Haynes Connor and Buz Connor
Co-Directed & Edited By Luke Wolbach
Written By Buz Connor

Elinor Publications, Inc. 2011