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Kitty: A True Friend

Kitty Davy

DVD 12 minutes
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Born in London, Kitty L. Davy first met Meher Baba on His initial visit to the West in 1931. From that day she led the always-challenging life of one of His close disciples.

In 1952, Meher Baba brought Kitty to America and by His wish she remained to help with the running of the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She continued this work with enthusiasm, vitality, and love, inspiring those who knew her up until her death on December 3, 1991.

This 12-minute home video, produced for Kitty Davy's memorial gathering at Meher Center in December 1991, includes footage from what can only be described as a triumphant 100th birthday celebration, movie film from 1958, still pictures, and video shots from earlier gatherings.