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Lost & Found

Songs for the Divine Beloved and His Lovers

Michael Da Costa

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“Michael Da Costa has been writing poetry and songs 'for the pleasure of Meher Baba and His lovers' since 1968. 'Lost and Found' is a selection of some of His best songs, and many of these are heard frequently at Samadhi.

“This CD reveals the great diversity of Michael's talent. As well as up-beat songs, some with a hint of humor, there are songs like 'Draw me Back' in which we hear the plea, so familiar to lovers when they feel separated from the Beloved; and in 'Whispers the Wind' we hear Da Costa's sighing in duet with his clarinet, calling to the Beloved, Meher Baba, as elusive as the wind. And then there is 'And The Love Flows On' with backing by Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane, Ian McGlagan, and Michael himself on saxophone, which was first heard on the album 'Happy Birthday' produced by Pete in 1972.

“This 'Lost and Found' CD begins with Michael's version of 'To the Glory of Love' with words by Baba's sister, Mani. This album is an extraordinary example of a heart singing to the glory of love.” From review by Glow Magazine Editor, Naosherwan Anzar