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Love Alone Prevails

A Story of Life with Meher Baba

Kitty Davy

Paperback 728 pages
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Kitty Davy, one of the earliest of Meher Baba's Western disciples, weaves the story of fifty of her years with Meher Baba. She starts with her 1931 meeting with him in London, goes on to accounts of visits to India and European cities with him, to the fifteen years she spent with him in India, and finally to America where she became an integral part of the life of Meher Spiritual Center and the lives of those who came there between 1952 and Kitty's passing in 1991.

For those who knew Kitty and were recipients of the love that came through her, this book provides an incomparable memoir. For those who never knew her, it offers a uniquely clear look at what discipleship really means.

Published 2nd edition, 2001.