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Love Leans over the Table

Rosie Jackson

Paperback 88 pages
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Rosie Jackson is a UK Baba lover whose poems have won many awards and accolades.

Bel Mooney describes her as ‘a rare poet of transcendence who expresses the inexplicable with grace.’ Daily Mail

Naowsherwan Anzar writes ‘Love Leans over the Table is a superb collection of poems. . . that touches the heart to its very core. . . She shares her feelings on the passing of her Beloved Master in ‘The Day Meher Baba Died.’ Those on the spiritual path will feel the poet’s intensity of pain, but at the same time appreciate her mellifluous renderings. . . ’ Glow International Magazine, Fall 2023

Graeme Ryan calls it ‘a remarkably compelling and readable autobiography of the spirit. The thread that runs through the whole book is the struggle to meet Love in all its questing and complexity; and to bear the radical, shocking demands of living as close to its truth as we can.’ High Window
Published 2023