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Meher Baba Avatar of the Age

The Human Side of God

Meher Baba

DVD 1 hour
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Whether He is called the Highest of the High, the Master of Masters, the Supreme Lover or the Matchless Beloved. Whether He is known as the Redeemer, the Messiah, the Prophet or the Avatar. He is always the same Infinite One. Nameless and formless, even when He comes in human form in certain ages. At first only a few know who He is but eventually the whole world comes to realize that something beyond imagination happened in the world.

Everything you will see in this film happened during a 15-year period from 1950 to 1965 in India. You will journey with Meher Baba and witness His work with the masts or God-intoxicated souls. This film took 7 years to restore frame by frame from the original film clips. Many innovative techniques were used to turn these rare scenes into this documentary love story. The entire narration in the film is from direct quotes of Meher Baba and carries the full weight of His Divine Authority.

Irwin Luck, Director of Production. Narrated by Henry Kashouty. Music by Hank Mindlin, Irwin Luck, Janet Luck, David Miotke, and Bob Holdt.