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Meher Baba on Love & War & the Human Experience

Meher Baba

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Naosherwan Anzar narrates two of Meher Baba's messages: Meher Baba on Love and Meher Baba on War and Beyond. Naosherwan's soothing, clear voice is accompanied, in the background, by soft, calm and unobtrusive sounds of keyboards, bass, sax and flute. This CD is the first of a spiritual meditation series of narrations of Baba's words on CD – good news for those hungry for audio recordings of Baba's words. See below for sound sample from this CD.

Quote from Meher Baba on War and Beyond: “The spiritual oneness of all souls remains inviolate in spite of war; and from the point of view of ultimate Reality, no soul is ever actually at war with any other soul. War is a conflict between different ideologies and concepts, which extends to and involves not only the minds but also the bodies of people; but the undivided and indivisible soul of mankind remains one in its unimpeachable and integral unity. The divine catalyst that keeps the oneness of all souls in creation intact, even in the midst of the most devastating war, is LOVE.” Meher Baba.

Produced in 2005