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Mehera J. Irani

Hardcover 317 pages, 9 x 11" sized, illustrated with photographs.
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“As Sita was for Ram, Radha for Krishna, Mary for Jesus, for this Advent of Meher Baba it is Mehera who plays the leading role. This role, of being the chosen counterpart to the God-Man, amounts to the highest, purest, most spiritual relationship, consisting of a divine love which the world cannot imagine.” –From the Foreword by Meher Baba's sister, Mani.

This most precious firsthand account of the purest and most perfect example of what it means to live a life of loving God is second to none. Reading in between the lines of this story of Mehera's life you will find the rare qualities of true purity of heart, self-forgetfulness and self-sacrifice of the highest order.

Compiled by Janet Judson with the assistance of Shelley Marrich from talks and original tape recordings of Mehera.

Published by Beloved Books, 1989