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My Secret Garden

Nan Wicker

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After waiting for years for a CD from Nan, she has rewarded us with two in the same year! Thanks Nan!

Here are eleven more songs about the spiritual path, and the love of the Beloved. Jeff Wolverton joins Nan on the choruses in four songs so there are beautiful harmonies to sing along with. There is wonderful instrumentation from piano, drums, flgelhorn, viola, guitar and cello and a variety of moods and styles. The songs are not using one particular prophet or avatar's name so can be shared easily with friends and relatives on apparently different spiritual journeys.

The song RISE by David Wilcox is sung by Nan as if God is singing to us, reminding us “your soul was never broken”. SAVE ME and PULL ME UP by Brian Darnell and RIVER RUN DRY by Wilcox are songs of calling out to the Beloved. Kirtana's songs DEATHBED SONG, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, and TRAIN SONG are more reminders of ways to be in the world but not “quite” of it, that we easily forget. NO TELLING WHERE is about the difficulty of talking about one's deepest experiences. The title song, MY SECRET GARDEN, is about having a quiet place inside to retreat even while being very much in the world, to be with our real self, our lord, our Beloved.

Though the themes may sound heavy, the music is not. It is folky, jazzy, sometimes playful and always pretty.

Produced 2017