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Not We But One

A Collection of stories and messages from the life of Meher Baba

Bill Le Page

Paperback 164 pages
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A great collection of stories and quotes from Baba, Eruch, and others. Well written with practical topics. Includes some photos.

From the Preface by Ross Keating: “The central part of this book…contains edited transcripts of some of the recorded talks given by Eruch in Mandali Hall in the seventies. The talks selected are based on the questions that Eruch was asked at this time, questions about love, the relationship between men and women, what constitutes intelligent action, meditation, how to raise children, etc. Interspersed with these printed talks are statements made by Meher Baba relevant to the topic under discussion. Some comments made by others of Meher Baba's disciples, including Meher Baba's sister Mani Irani, have also been added.”

Published 1977. Reprinted 2010.