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Ripe Time

poems of awakening

Gabriella Tal

Paperback 155 pages
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From the back cover:
“. . . Gabriella Tal expands and transcends conventional images to convey an intuitive and inspired wisdom of the heart, inviting the reader to participate in each poem, to experience it as well as understand it. Take up this book and be reminded of your own spiritual journey. Live these words and let them take you ever nearer to your Divine Beloved.”
– Brian Darnell, author of Sadhana and Spoken For

Ripe Time

You are right here
trembling behind my eyes
tears which have not opened to sky.

the moon in my heart
gasps, missing Your touch.

a wasp clings to the feathery web
of my hope,
she stings me several times
but I cannot let go.

whenever You laugh,
wherever You are
I know a ripple
of ripe time

Published 2023