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Shireenmai, The Queen of Beauty

The Mother who delivered the 'Deliverer'

Booklet 60 pages
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Shireenmai's destiny to become Meher Baba's mother began at the young age of five years old when she was promised to be married to a man twenty-five years her senior, Sheriarji. Shireenmai suffered greatly over the loss of her beloved son Merwan as he was transformed into Meher Baba, and she was forced to share him with the world. Still, she never truly gave up her role as his mother, often pestering and annoying Baba with her sometimes sharp nature. Shireenmai was thoroughly devoted to Baba and He to her, yet there are many humorous stories of Baba mischievously dodging or tricking her.

Referring to his mother, Baba mentioned, “She helped so much in My work . . . She played her part well . . . She was an exceedingly adventurous woman and extremely fearless . . . She was purest crystal!”

Published 2010