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Songs of a Modern Disciple

Josephine Esther Ross

Paperback 124 pages
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Josephine Esther (Grabau) Ross met Meher Baba on his first trip to America in November of 1931 at Harmon-on-Hudson, NY just before her 24th birthday. She was one of those who immediately recognized Baba as the Christ and expressed her feelings about this transcendent experience in her poems. (She had never written poetry before.)
Over the years she would send copies of her poems to Baba as she wrote them, and many years later (1965), she would publish the first edition of “Songs of a Modern Disciple” and send a copy to Baba in India. He responded with a telegram saying, “The songs of your love have touched me and made me very happy, for I am the Voice of your heart.”

This third edition includes nine additional poems that had been sent to Baba in India.
Third Edition. Published 2020