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Arsenio Rodriguez

Paperback 259 pages
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Another book by Arsenio Rodriguez, this one more of prose than poetry, though poetic for sure.
“The book is divided into six sections: Day Break; About Origins: From the windows of a train; The other-about relationships; Hide and seek with the Beloved and Ramblings in the Plaza. The first deals, mostly with mornings, as a daily beginning of life and universe manifest, the second deals with thoughts and feelings about creation, the third about the scenes viewed from the “windows” of our journey, the observations made and noted down as we pass by, the fourth about the interplay with the other, the relationships, the fifth with a special relationship that takes place when one begins to discover the One hiding in the many, Love essence personified, the Beloved and our hide and seek game, the last one are a collection of random notes manifested in the virtual plaza, as one sings like birds in the forest carrying out our nature.” From the Introduction
Connecting in the Virtual Plaza

Hey, do me a twitter, a face book, or give me a kiss. Let your electromagnetic presence be known in my soul. It is cold outside when there are none. As one traverses these moonless spaces alone, Reveal your graces of form and spirit my loves. I am waiting in front of this window Eyes burning, hungry for your electrons.

—Arsenio Rodriguez

Published 2018