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Spread My Love

Charmian Knowles

Paperback 317 pages
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Illustrated with photographs.

In the mood for a book of Baba memoirs full of joy and forthrightness? Then Charmian Duce Knowles' book is just the ticket.

Charmian was 18 when she accompanied her mother, Sufism Murshida Ivy O. Duce, to India to meet Baba in 1948. Ivy was going to ask Meher Baba to accept the Sufi order as his. Charmian was going to protect her mother from what Charmian was sure was a charlatan swami.

And of course, during that visit, Charmian came to know the total love that is Meher Baba. By her own count, Charmian spent 100 days in Meher Baba's company between 1948 and 1969. From those days she has woven here wonderful stories, covering Baba's visits to the West in 1952, 1956 and 1958 and the 1962 East West Gathering in India. She acted as Baba's chauffeur at times, was in Prague, Oklahoma, with her mother after the accident at Baba's request.

The fact that Charmian didn't give many public talks makes this volume even more of a treasure. It is an account by someone who took to heart Baba's instruction, “Be happy.” That happiness literally shines out of this book. Not to be missed.

Published 2004.