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The Lion’s Share

Ron Greenstein

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“The Lion's Share' is an irresistible musical collage just released by Ron Greenstein. Meher Baba stated that Creation is God's Lila (Divine Sport) and that it is sustained by His sense of humor. God's sense of humor is so pervasive that there is not a person who is totally devoid of it. I would venture to say there are those of us for whom an especially large dose of humor is so bestowed by the grace of the Master. Ron Greenstein weaves wit and wisdom in such a gentle and honest way there is not a person who could be totally devoid of the smile that listening to this CD brings.

“Ron has collected an especially personal quilt of spiritual seeking, contemplation, distillation, and musical joy; over 30 years’ worth! The melodies are crafted in a flavorful array of genres: they are a fresh blend of bluesy and folk notes and rhythms. The clean instrumentation includes thoughtful sparkling additions (ukulele, accordion, piano, bass, and guitars). Two of the a cappella selections offer a melodic beckoning from the soul to the Master.” from a review by Karen Drygas.