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The Story of Layla and Majnun


Paperback 177 pages
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In his discourse on “True Discipleship,” Meher Baba uses the story of Majnun and Leyla as an example of how all love leads to the Master: “The fundamental requisite for the candidate who would be a true disciple is an unquestioning love for the Master. All the other streams of love ultimately join this great river and disappear in it; this is illustrated by the story of Majnun and Leyla. Majnun loved Leyla so intensely that every moment of his life he was filled with thoughts about her. The utter self-denial and sincerity of his love ultimately led him to his master.”

In this version of Nizami's epic poem, accepted worldwide as a work of genius, translator Rudolf Gelpke stays as close as possible to the original, preserving all the poignancy, heartache and devotion of this story of human love as it ascends to divine love.

Published 1997