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The Theme of Creation

An Exploration of Meher Baba's God Speaks

Meher Baba

All Region DVD 54 minutes
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Based on the ground-breaking 1955 work, God Speaks, The Theme of Creation is a comprehensive exploration of creation and evolution as revealed by Meher Baba.

Via footage shot in both India and America, we trace the journey of the soul from its unconscious origin through to human form and on to God-Realization. The driving forces of this journey are known as sanskaras – impressions gathered from experiences in life – which determine our physical, mental and spiritual attributes on our path back to God.

Featuring interviews with authors, educators and some of Meher Baba's closest followers, The Theme of Creation includes rarely seen footage of Baba and a wealth of spiritual artwork and imagery. Correlating the teachings of the world's great mystical and religious traditions, this is the first documentary presentation of life's origins and the journey back to God.

Those interviewed include Rick Chapman, Allan Cohen, Kendra Crossen Burroughs, Robert Dreyfuss, Charmian Duce Knowles, Carl Ernst, Bhau Kalchuri, Pascal Kaplan, Phyllis Ott, Tom Riley, Don Stevens and Adele Wolkin.

Music by Richard Peikoff, Tim Thelen and Larry Thrasher.
Narrated by Richard Stermer.

Produced and directed by Tim Thelen, 2005.