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Thirty-Three Ways Seven Faiths Agree with Meher Baba

Thomas Wolfe & Companions

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On Tom Wolfe’s first trip to India in 1988, he was struck with the question of whether Meher Baba’s messages (The Seven Realities, How to Love God, My Wish For My Lovers and Twelve Ways of Realizing Me) could be a frame for how to go through scripture to find common principles. The principles behind each of Baba’s messages add up to thirty-three. Tom and his companions have gone through the scriptures of seven different faiths and have found that indeed these principles are universal. The faiths looked at are: Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and the Quakers.

Direct from the source, each principle laid down by Meher Baba in His messages are reflected with quotations from the sacred texts of each of the seven faiths. Tom’s heart’s desire to restore the unity of the good news is manifested in this unique book.

Published 2021