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Twenty Years with Meher Baba

Dr. Abdul Ghani Munsif

Paperback 110 pages
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Dr. Ghani was a childhood friend and neighbor of Merwan S. Irani, before he was known as Meher Baba. In 1920, after some years apart, he was reacquainted with Merwan and learned of his new name (meaning Compassionate Father), given to him by the growing group of people who recognized and respected him as a great spiritual personality. Meher Baba lovingly referred to Dr. Ghani as “Big Head”.

In 1940, Dr. Ghani decided to write and publish in the Meher Baba Journal the experiences he had had over the twenty-year span of 1920-1940 as an intimate mandali (disciple) of Meher Baba.

This precious booklet, back in print after forty-five years, is now available again. The beginning part of the book includes stories about Dr. Ghani from his time with Meher Baba which give a good introduction to this early mandali member who died in 1951 and whom some Baba followers may be less familiar.

The rest of the book is the text of Twenty Years with Meher Baba as originally published and recalls many vignettes of Dr. Ghani's life with Meher Baba.

When Dr. Ghani died suddenly of a heart attack, Meher Baba said, “The big head of his was truly a treasure-house in which wisdom and wit were blended to perfection. We were intimate friends since our earliest years, and no one knows better than I how courageous, and how loyal and loving, was his heart.”

Republished 2020.