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Words of Kabir & other stories

Sam Kerawala

Paperback 182 pages
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Many know Sam Kerawala from his exquisite storytelling in Meherabad about Meher Baba and Sufi masters.

Words of Kabir focuses on the wisdom of Kabir, a 15th century poet loved and often referred to by Meher Baba.

This book is divided into two parts. The first is a wide selection of Kabir's sakhis or poetic verses, described by Kabir as the vision of knowledge. These sakhis cover a variety of topics pertaining to day-to-day life such as “Five Senses”, “The Curtain Between Me and My Beloved”, “Remembrance”, “Importance of the Master on the Path”, “The Difficulties of the Path”, “Back-Biting: The Worst Evil” and more. Many are further enriched by quotations of Meher Baba on these topics as footnotes.

The second section of the book is filled with short stories illustrating Words of Kabir narrated by Sam. Stories in this section include titles such as “He Who Knows Does Not Speak”, “True Service”, “True Humility”, “Absolute Honesty” and “Yearning Alone Touches His Heart.”

This book captures the magic Sam's storytelling has conveyed to so many in India, as well as loving translations of Kabir's poems.

Published 2006