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Adventures in India with Meher Baba

Rick M. Chapman

Hardcover 388 pages
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From back cover:

“I wrote this book in 1966 and 1967. That is to say, I wrote a good part of it then. I had just met the Avatar of the Age, Meher Baba, and in the months that followed that meeting I had the opportunity to travel throughout India at His behest, 'to see the different brands of love' for Him. At His request I wrote accounts of those travels through Meher Baba's 'heartlands,' accounts that were read out to Him word for word. Those accounts are included in this book, together with my reflections on the events of that year. In many ways, this volume is a scrapbook of the year I met God and had the chance to tour His kingdom under His guidance and protection.

“It was a year unlike any other. A year of years. A year of countless lifetimes. The time of my life. The time, perhaps, of all my lifetimes. . . .”

– Rick M. Chapman

Published 2014