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All These Things Take Time, Mister

Stories of Padri

Eric Nadel

Paperback 178 pages
Illustrated with over 50 photographs and letters
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Padri, one of the mandali who had been with Baba since the 1920s, was in charge of Meherabad when a small group of Westerners, including Eric (nicknamed “Erico”) Nadel, settled there.

These sixteen stories by Erico contain observations of Padri from 1976, when Erico began to live at Meherabad, until Padri passed away in 1982. They are part of a book that Erico intended to write about Padri, which was unfinished when Erico himself passed away in 2009.

In addition, a second section, “Remembering Padri,” is a series of conversations between Ted & Janet Judson, Alan Wagner, Heather Nadel and Bob Street, who were also at Meherabad in those same years. They recall what it was like for such “raw recruits” to live with Padri, a stalwart disciple of the God-Man.

Published by Sheriar Foundation, 2020