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Little Mehera

Happy childhood memories of a Parsi girl in the adventuresome Northwest Frontier of British Raj India

Written & illustrated by Sally Amft Gerke

Paperback 46 pages, 6 x 9" sized, illustrated with 22 full-color paintings
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Delve into the magical childhood world of Mehera, Baba’s closest disciple. Follow Mehera as she grows up with a father who was a park ranger, having many adventures in the wilderness with her family and all the animals, especially her favorite, horses!

This little gem of a full-color book full of illustrations of stories from Mehera’s childhood is perfect for toddlers and enjoyable for Baba followers of any age.

From the author
I had the great good fortune to meet Baba’s Beloved, Mehera in 1976. I asked her if I might sketch her. Mehera said, “NO!” Then, at a break time she came to me and asked, “If I let you sketch me, would you need to sit very close to me?” I replied,“No Mehera, I would sit far away”. She asked, “If I let you sketch me, would you tell me to hold still?” I replied, “No Mehera, I would not say anything.” Finally she asked, “If I let you sketch me, would you STARE at me?” I replied, “Yes Mehera, I would stare and stare and stare.” Mehera stopped, and she STARED at me! Mehera seemed to look into me for a long, long moment. That moment was so long that it is still going on today! Mehera said, OK!”.

A few nights later I woke up at four in the morning and drew a picture of Baba. When I showed it to Mehera she asked me when I had drawn it. Mehera told me that at that time she was dreaming that she was watching me sketch Baba. She said, “Yes Baba, Sally should draw you!” So, now I am keeping, and shall never ever give up, Mehera and Beloved Baba’s permission to STARE and STARE and STARE at them both.

During my 1976 visit and again in 1978 I was entranced with Mehera’s early childhood memories. I imagined them as a children’s picture book.

Published 2024