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Mani’s Adventures

On Planet Malpichuk

Simon Reece de Sousa, Illustrated by Santiago Lozano

Paperback 67 pages
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This is a story of Mani when she was a little girl. When a very tall girl, Grinki, arrives from Planet Malpichuk, everyone is amazed at how big she is. She soon makes friends with Mani, and as she is so tall, she can carry Mani round on her shoulderseverywhere she goes.

Baba wants someone to go back with Grinki to Planet Malpichuk, and Mani volunteers. The people who live on this planet have much stronger minds than hearts, and Baba wants her to help awaken their hearts, by singing, dancing, having pet dogs and cats. Mani is convinced she’ll be able to do these things very well.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be more of a challenge than she imagined. But despite the setbacks and the fact that she misses Baba and Mehera terribly, Mani perseveres and does what Baba wants, making great friends with the young people of Malpichuk, who she charms with her irrepressible sense of fun.

This is a great book for reading aloud to kids. And also for anyone who met Mani, both children and adults, as they will recognise the warmth and wit of her personality. As many readers have said: “I’m sure Mani would have loved it!”

The fantastic illustrations are done by Santiago Lozano, an Argentinian artist from the Baba group in La Plata. The endearing style of the drawings was inspired by doodles done by Mani herself.

Published 2017