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My Day with Meher Baba

Anne Giles, Illustrated by Amy Steele

Paperback 23 pages
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This new children's book is colorful, cheerful, and endearing. Each page turn reveals a stunning full-color illustration by Amy Steele of Baba with a young boy, accompanying him through the different parts of his day. You can't help but smile when seeing Baba waking the child up in the morning, riding the bus to school, playing on the playground, kicking a soccer ball, and reading him a bedtime story (and many more). Simply delightful! Perfect for children ages 1 to 7. The official reading grade level is 2.6.

Based on a beautiful quote by Meher Baba which introduces the book: “Baba is such a friend that even for a moment He is never away from you. When you remember Me I know, because I am with you all the time. When you play, I am also playing with you. When you go to school, I am also in school with you. I never leave you. . .” (from a letter Meher Baba wrote to a child in 1955).

Published 2018