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Where One Is Not A Number

A real life journey towards eternal love and oneness. Conquering the mother of all fears, death.

Aarti Raheja

Paperback 240 pages.
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Where One Is Not A Number is the stunning true story of an arduous journey into the human soul. Anil and Aartii Raheja had the perfect life: a loving marriage, thriving careers, and two happy, healthy sons — Then, without warning, they experienced the worst tragedy that can befall a parent, the death of their beloved twelve-year-old boy, Ahaan.

For months they were plunged into a deep well of grief, guilt and self-pity, until their late son appeared in their lives again, remarkably guiding them to the light, peeling away layer upon layer of the false, the illusory, the ego-driven. With the help of Ahaan and the grace of their master, Meher Baba, they received glimpses of the unity and bliss which are the birthright of every soul — A state of eternal love, where death is transcended, where all souls are united and where one is not a number but the ultimate reality.

— From the Back Cover

Published 2017