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New Life

Leslie Sage Walsh

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Leslie was told by Mehera to 'keep on with your singing.' Her voice and singing style are thoroughly professional, but this is not just another CD with pretty Baba songs. These songs come from real life, the experience of just trying to make it through – taking Baba as a guide. Nothing theoretical here, just the honest truth. Nothing else worth paying attention to, after all. We don't have time for the rest.

Despite, or maybe because of, trials and tribulations in her life, Leslie kept on with her singing. Each experience, once gotten through, became a song. Each karmic entanglement, once resolved, led into a new life.

When you're looking for something to help you make sense of your own life, for something to brighten up your day, put on this CD. Listen to these songs, sweet yet stirring, melodious yet yearning, the songs of a lover speaking to the One Beloved.”